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How to Prepare for a Dental Sedation Appointment

How to Prepare for a Dental Sedation Appointment

Are you preparing to undergo a dental procedure? Dental sedation may help, but you’ll need to take a few steps to prepare for your appointment. Our Surrey dentists share their advice for patients on how to be well-prepared for an upcoming dental sedation appointment.

In the days leading up to your dental sedation appointment, your dentist will check in with you about your individual needs, including the procedure you’ll be having, and the type of sedation you require.

You’ll then be provided with specific detailed instructions about how to prepare. Have any questions or concerns about your dental procedure? Please contact our dental office - our team at Guildford Smiles Dentistry are always happy to address your concerns and make sure you are well-informed regarding your oral health and dental treatment.

These patient instructions apply to patients who are booked for either nitrous oxide sedation or oral conscious sedation before treatment.

General Instructions for Dental Sedation Patients

Please review these instructions carefully. At our office, your safety is always our number one priority! You may find it helpful to print out these instructions and reference them as you prepare for your upcoming dental sedation appointment.

Restricting Food & Drink

Read the specific instructions provided by your dentist. In most cases, instructions will state you shouldn’t eat or drink anything for a certain amount of time before your procedure, including water, as a full stomach can cause nausea or vomiting.

Need to take medications? Inform your dentist about these, or if there have been any changes to your medical history since your last visit.

Appointment Day Guidelines

Arrange for a responsible adult to drive you to the appointment and home following your procedure. It’s not safe to drive after taking dental sedation.

If possible, leave any contact lenses at home. If you must wear them to your appointment, bring a case to put them in, since you’ll need to remove them before treatment.

If you wear dentures, you should also leave these at home if possible. Want to wear your dentures to your appointment? Bring a container with you to store them in while the dentist performs your procedure.

Need to cancel?

Sometimes life gets in the way, patients become sick, or unavoidable events happen. If this is the case for you, please let our office staff know as soon as possible. If you do not cancel in time for us to reschedule another patient to take your spot, we lose two appointments: yours, and the one we might have been able to book in your space with enough notice.

Allowing us time to reschedule someone else’s appointment into your time slot means we’re able to provide others with the care they need as soon as possible.

Have questions about the types of dental sedation options available at Guildford Smiles Dentistry? Please Contact our Surrey BC dental office. Our dentists aim to help you have a positive dental experience during every visit.

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