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Teeth Whitening

For a brighter smile that fills you with confidence, try teeth whitening at Guildford Smiles in Surrey, BC!

A bright, beautiful smile can help you feel confident in all you do.

Meeting new clients, talking to people, and enjoying an active social life are all important aspects of living life to the fullest. Making a great first impression in every situation is important.

That is why many people are disappointed when their smiles begin to darken as they age. Dental cleanings are great for removing surface stains on your teeth, but some stains go deeper into the pores of your enamel and require teeth bleaching, also called teeth whitening, to remove.

Teeth Whitening, Surrey Dentist

Custom Professional Whitening Systems

At Guildford Smiles Dentistry, we offer custom professional teeth whitening systems to help you keep your teeth looking their best. Professional teeth whitening systems have a number of advantages over the over-the-counter products.

Supervision by an Experienced Dentist – Your dentist can recommend the products and whitening systems that will work best for you. She will monitor your treatment and make recommendations for you to achieve the best results.

The Power of Professional Whitening – Our whitening systems are made for dentists to offer to patients and provide a strong level of whitening not found in pharmacy products.

Reliable Results – Because we will recommend products that will work specifically for you, you can expect to achieve uniform and predictable results not available with the over-the-counter whitening products.

Fewer Side Effects – Over-the-counter products can be difficult to use. Strips and trays are made to fit most people, but can waste a significant amount of product or leak onto your gums, causing sensitivity.

How Custom Teeth Whitening Works

We will take impressions of your teeth to create your whitening trays. We will record the "before" shade of your teeth to monitor your progress.

When we give you your whitening trays, we will also provide enough whitening gel to complete your initial treatment. Since we make your whitening trays just for you, they will fit snugly and hold the whitening gel in place on the surface of your teeth.

You can use them for an hour to several hours a day for two weeks in order to achieve the best results quickly.

You don’t have to worry about having a too-white smile. Bleaching your teeth simply lightens stains and will not give you a smile that looks fake or unnatural.

If you experience tooth sensitivity, cut back on the number of hours you wear your trays or take a day off in between treatments.

Once you complete your teeth whitening, you should retain your trays for future touch-ups.

We will take an after shade to measure your results. If you need whitening refills in the future, we offer those at our Surrey, BC dental office. 

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