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Are my teeth healthy enough for a whitening treatment?

Are my teeth healthy enough for a whitening treatment?

If you are looking to refresh your smile but are not looking to undergo a permanent change then teeth whitening may be right for you. Here, your Surrey dentists talk about what to expect from professional teeth whitening and if there are any considerations. 

Teeth whitening can be a great option for those looking to enhance their smile without any intense treatments, as long as your teeth are healthy. Here we discuss some of the things that you should know about professional teeth whitening before taking the plunge.

Your smile will need to be assessed by our dental teams in Surrey to confirm that your teeth are healthy enough to undergo whitening treatment. Here are some of the considerations if you plan on having teeth whitening:

Is professional teeth whitening right for everyone?

Prior to any teeth whitening service, our Surrey dentists schedule a consultation. At this visit your dentist will perform a full examination of your teeth and look for any signs of thinning or weakened enamel, or tooth decay which can cause complications during teeth whitening. We might also discourage bleaching and recommend other methods including porcelain veneers if you have very sensitive teeth or gum disease. 

If you have no fillings or other dental restorations, have healthy teeth, and are only wanting to brighten up yellowing teeth then you may be the right candidate for teeth whitening.

What can I expect once my treatment is complete?

Teeth whitening with a bleaching solution has been deemed safe. That being said, some patients experience a certain amount of sensitivity if the solution comes into contact with their gums. Once treatment is complete and this has been removed then the sensitivity should subside. As for which results you might realistically expect, dental teeth bleaching can only offer a change in colour from gray to a lighter shade of gray, for example. 

The results of your teeth whitening treatment will vary from the results of other patients. Visible restorations such as a bridge or crown will not respond to whitening; they will remain the same colour as before. 

Along with your take-home teeth whitening kit, we will provide one extra vial of whitening gel, this can be used for your first touch-up. You will have your custom-fitted mouthguard to be used during treatment which you can continue to purchase vials of solution for as needed.

Is teeth whitening safe for my teeth?

Regardless of how healthy your teeth are, our Surrey dentist recommends visiting for a checkup and cleaning once every six months (the frequency of your visits depends on your at-home oral hygiene routine and the general condition of your teeth and gums). By keeping up with your at-home oral hygiene routine as well as in-office professional dental services, you can help make your bright smile last.

Are you interested in brightening your teeth with professional teeth whitening treatments? Contact our Surrey offices today to request a consultation. 

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